UK temporary car insurance: a fashion miracle

Take off those Chuck Taylor’s and skin tight jeans. Ladies, do away with your rosy red lipstick and sweet, sweet perfume. Guys, put down those weights and shave that beard you’ve been growing for the last month. A new fashion trend is sweeping the world, a fashion that makes Helen of Troy look like Medusa. Let me explain.

Picture this: you see a man walking down the street. He’s dressed normal, kind of slim, kind of short. On a regular occasion he is far from your type, but there is something about him that screams irresistible. You can’t take your eyes off him. With each step he takes, your heart beats faster and faster, until suddenly you and mysteriously unattractive irresistible man are face to face. Your knees start to quiver and you have no idea why. You open your mouth to speak, but no words come. He catches your eye and says, “Shhh. It’s okay. I have UK temporary car insurance.” Before you can reply he is half a block ahead, and you are left standing on the street corner watching him longingly thinking to yourself, “UK temporary car insurance? Wow he is such a rebel.” You chase after him, but he is gone. He is gone forever.

Picture this: you’re in high school, and you need a date to the upcoming dance. You fall asleep obsessing about the dance wondering who in their right mind would go with a guy like you. Your dream begins with a picture of you with Sara Beth—the girl that every guy in your school is fighting for. You and Sara Beth are dancing to a slow song, a very slow song. You look down nervously to make sure you aren’t stepping on her toes. When you look up, you aren’t dancing with Sara Beth anymore. Instead, you find yourself slow dancing with your Aunt Rosie who reeks of cats and onions. You wake up in a cold sweat screaming your lungs off thinking to yourself, “I can’t go with Aunt Rosie, I just can’t. I need a plan and I need a plan fast.” At breakfast, you express your worry to your older brother. He disappears into his bedroom. When he comes out he has something in his hand. “Don’t tell mom I gave you this”, he whispers in your ear as he hands you a small slip of paper. On the card in bold letters are the words “UK temporary car insurance”. Your worries immediately subside. On that Friday night you find yourself dancing with Sara Beth, and her sweet scent is much better than cats and onions.

Picture this: a means to make an individual on the dark side of repulsive immediately irresistible. Imagine the power. Imagine the looks you will receive. Imagine the fun you will have. UK temporary car insurance has worked wonders for struggling odd balls across the globe, and it most definitely will work wonders for you.

copyright 2009